• December 9, 2021
  • Wanisa

Best Thai Dishes NYC That You Would Love To Have

Food is one of the main reasons why people choose to visit Thailand. When you visit Thailand, you can only have freshly cooked, tasty food almost in every place. But even if you don’t get to visit Thailand, you can still visit a Thai restaurant in the NYC that serves authentic Thai cuisine to enjoy those delectable dishes. So, if you are planning to try the best Thai food NYC, then here are the main dishes you can try.

1. Tom Kha Gai: This is a chicken in coconut soup, quite similar to tom yum. And this soup also comes with lower spicy contents to allow people to taste similar flavors without spice. The availability of creamy coconut milk also makes this soup rich and sweet.
2. Tom Yum Goong: This is a traditional dish of spicy shrimp soup, which comes with a comparatively strong kick of spice. And the main ingredients of this soup are
lemongrass, chili, shallots, kaffier lime leaves, fresh lime juice, and fish sauce. Besides, fresh prawns and mushrooms are added to this soup along with coconut cream.
3. Pad Thai: This is one of the national dishes of Thailand and it is Thai-style fried noodles. So, if you want to explore authentic Thai cuisine, then this dish is a must to try. Although Pad Thai is cooked with chicken or shrimp, there is also a vegetarian option.
4. Som Tam: It is another popular Thai dish, which is mainly a spicy green papaya salad. It mainly includes shredded carrots, green papaya, tomatoes, peanuts, dried shrimp, palm sugar, tamarind pulp, fish sauce, garlic, and loads of chilies. All these ingredients are blended using mortar and pestle for amplifying the flavors.
5. Guay Teow: This noodle soup is another most popular Thai dish that you must give a try if you want to have original Thai food in Brooklyn, NY. The main ingredients of this soup are pork, chicken, or beef along with egg noodles or rice noodles. Besides, meatballs and wantons can also be included in this broath. And therefore, this soup is topped with some condiments like sugar, lime juice, dried chili peppers, and fish sauce.
6. Pad Phuk Ton: If you are looking for a vegetarian Thai dish, then it is one of the best options you can give a try. The main ingredient of this dish is stir-fried pumpkin. You can combine this dish with brown rice.
7. Khao Pad: It is a bowl of fried rice, highly popular among the Thai people. This dish includes onion and egg. Besides, it also includes cucumber slices for garnishing and different types of condiments according to your preference.
8. Kai Med Ma Muang: This is a popular Thai dish that includes chicken and cashew nuts. The use of ingredients like stir-fried chicken, honey, cashew nuts, chilies, soy sauce, mushrooms, onions, pepper, and some other vegetables make this dish flavorful, sweet, and tasty.
9. Panang: If you are a Thai curry lover, then this is one of the curry dishes you should give a try. The best thing about this curry is that it is milder than other Thai curries. Usually, this dish is served with shrimp, but you can also choose from the vegetarian options.
10. Kao Niew Ma Muang: Once you have chosen the Thai dish for the main course, the next thing that completes your meal is dessert. And Kao Niew Ma Muang perfectly fits in this section. The main ingredients of this highly delectable dessert are sticky rice, sweet condensed milk, and fresh mango slices. And it is also the all-time crowd pleasure.

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