• November 18, 2021
  • Wanisa

Thai Salads That Are Important Part Of Thai Cooking In Brooklyn Heights In Brooklyn NY

When it comes to trying Thai salads, you can have a plethora of interesting dishes, and some of these dishes can also be highly spicy. In Thai cuisine, salads are always out of the ordinary. Besides, the preparation techniques and the extensive use of ingredients set these salads apart from common variants of salads. And the best thing about some of these salads is that they need very little preparation. Besides, depending on your preferences, you can choose from spicy or non-spicy variants of these salads. So, whether you are a professional aficionado or an occasional salad eater, Thai salads are something that you will never want to miss.

In this blog, we offer a list of the best Thai salads, which you must-have when you want to try authentic Thai cooking in Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn NY.

1. Green papaya salad: Also known as Som Tum, this is a popular Thai salad originated from the Northeast part of Thailand. The traditional green papaya salad is spicy, but it has gone through many variations, which include salty, sweet, and sour flavors. In this salad, green papaya is mixed with green beans, dried shrimps and prawns, chili, carrots, peanuts, garlic, and lime dressing. In some variants of this green salad, some additional ingredients like crab, fermented fish, pickled eggs are also added. And in some cases, ingredients like corn and cucumber are added as substitutes for papaya.

2. Spicy fruit salad: Also known as Som Tom Polomai, this Thai fruit salad is completely different from the Western world “Fruit Salad”, which is often eaten as a dessert. This Thai salad is a spicy salad and savory, which you can eat with almost anything. The main ingredients of this salad are mixed chunks of different tropical fruits like guava, apple, dragon fruit, pineapple, and rose apple with fish sauce, chilies, and lime dressing.

3. Wing Bean Salad: Also known as Yum Tua Plu, the main ingredient of this salad is wing beans, which are delicious and highly nutritious. These beans are cooked in coconut milk with toasted coconut, cashew nuts, chili paste, tamarind, and palm sugar. Besides, chicken and shrimps are often added to this original Thai food in Brooklyn, NY along with hardboiled sliced eggs.

4. Instant noodle salad: Also known as Yum Mama, the main ingredient of this salad is the most famous instant noodle of Thailand. And the flavor sachets of these noodles make this salad even more popular. Here the noodles are cooked and then they are mixed with flavoring, tomatoes, onions, cooked minced pork, cooked shrimps, and coriander. Then this salad is flavored with sugar, lime, and chili.

5. Banana blossom salad: Popularly known as Yum Hua Pli, the main ingredient of this Thai salad is banana blossom, which is also used in many dishes apart from being an accompaniment. In this salad, the banana blossom is lightly toasted and therefore mixed with lime, coconut milk, chili, and palm sugar.

6. Spicy seafood salad: Also known as Yum Ruam Mit Talay, this is a famous Thai seafood salad, which you can find in both high-end and side-type restaurants. This salad is prepared with mixed seafood like prawns and squids. It also includes sliced cucumber, tomato, jelly mushroom, white cabbage, spring onion, Thai celery, lime chili dressing, and coriander root.

7. Lemongrass salad: This salad is famously known as Yum Ta Krai in Thailand and the main ingredient of this salad is lemongrass, which is known for its flavors and aromatic extract. The lemongrass salad comes with a citrusy taste and a crunchy texture. Besides, it also includes ground pork, shrimps, toasted cashew nuts, and vibrant dressing.

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