• October 7, 2021
  • Wanisa

What Makes Thai Cooking In Brooklyn Heights In Brooklyn, NY Different From Other Asian Cuisines?

When you decide to try a unique style of culinary, Thai food is the perfect cuisine that you must give a try. No matter in which part of the world you have Thai food items, Thai dishes are not made with simplicity. And here all the ingredients are perfectly blended to prepare the most delicious meal. This makes Thai cuisine is a bit complex and every dish is enriched with the use of a handful of ingredients. Therefore, Thai cuisine has some major differences when compared with other variants of Asian cuisine. These dishes have more complex and spicier flavors than other Asian foods including Chinese cuisine.

So, here comes an informative guide on the things that make Thai cooking different from other Asian cuisines.

1. Different types of spices are used in Thai cooking: Spices are known for enhancing the flavor of almost any dish. And Thai cooking in Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn, NY is not only heavy on spices, but it also includes different types of spices. The use of spices in Thai food adds a touch of heat to the meal while adding some additional flavors and sweetness that is not usually found in other variants of Asian cuisine.
2. Thai curry is different from Indian curry: When it comes to curry, we mostly think about Indian food. But you will be amazed to know that even Thai cuisine includes different types of curries that have little resemblance to Indian curries. In Thai cuisine, coconut milk is mostly used to prepare the base of the curry, and then it is combined with onion, shrimp, spices, and other flavorings.
3. Only fresh ingredients are used in Thai cooking: In Thai cooking, only fresh ingredients are always used wherein in Indian and Chinese cuisine, frozen ingredients are often used. But ingredients like basil leaves, onion, lemongrass, chili powder or paste, mint leaves, etc. are used in Thai cuisine and all these ingredients are collected fresh from the local farmers. While some variants of Asian cuisine have a common and royal version of the style, which is completely different from each other, this is not true for Thai cuisine. In the case of royal Thai food, local Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, NY, only high-quality ingredients is used. But the dishes are the same.
4. Thai cuisine has different variations: Thailand is said to be the melting pot of cultures and this also affects the culinary tradition of that nation. Because of the cultural diversity of this country, some of the Thai culinary traditions are similar to the cuisine of neighboring countries like India.
5. Seafood is an important element of Thai cuisine: Thai people prefer to incorporate seafood as one of the most preferred protein sources at the meal. Although rice and noodles are two important parts of a meal, the emphasis is often on the seafood where pork works as the staple of the majority of the Chinese cuisine.
6. Thai food is a healthier choice: Thai food is healthier compared to other variants of Asian cuisine. This cuisine mainly focuses on variety and balance. Thai food is mostly light and the aromas play an important role here like the taste of the food. Besides, less oil and heavy sauces are used in Thai cooking techniques, which make it healthier for people. Even after that, when you will eat Thai food, you will experience spice, sweetness, saltiness, and bitterness in a single dish with no flavor overpowering other flavors. In some cases, one or two ingredients are switched up to create a subtle difference that is both pleasurable and noticeable.

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