• September 24, 2021
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Noodles Used In Every Thai Food Thai Cook Restaurant

After rice, noodles are considered to be the most omnipresent element of Asian cuisine. The noodle dishes, which the Thais call “Guay Tiew” are one of the popular options for casual Thai food. Thai cuisine includes several noodle dishes, but most of these dishes are prepared using a particular type of noodle. So, in this blog, we will mention the types of noodles used in the authentic Thai food Thai cook restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, and the dishes prepared from these noodles.

In Thai, the term “Sen” is used to describe noodles and it generally describes rice noodles.

1. Sen Yai: In Thai, “Yai” symbolizes big and Sen Yai signifies wide flat noodle
2. Bamee: It is an egg noodle
3. Sen Mii: This is a thinner yet a bit harder variant of noodle
4. Sen Lek: In Thai, “Lek” symbolizes small and Sen Lek signifies thin noodle
5. Mama: It is an instant noodle, which is often used in noodle dishes and salads.
6. Khanom Jeen: They are fermented, stickier rice noodles, which are mostly eaten with
curry-like gravies. In some cases, they are also added to the dishes like papaya salad.
Khanom Jeen is often used as a substitute for rice.
7. Woonsen: They are glass noodles that are widely used in several dishes.

An overview of different noodle dishes in Thai:
 Guay Tiew: It is a generic term for noodle dishes and is available in different forms like fishball noodles, duck noodles, chicken noodles, etc. And you can have it both dry and as a noodle soup.
 Pad Thai: This is one of the most popular Thai noodle dishes, made of a special type of noodle namely Sen Chan. The main secret to the flavor of this noodle is the use of Pad Thai sauce that blends a touch of sweetness with the sour flavors from tamarind. Pad Thai is usually prepared with shrimp. And other main ingredients used in this noodle are tofu and bean sprouts.
 Kuay Tiew Kua Gai: This is another popular noodle dish in Thai cuisine. Here the term “Gai” signifies chicken and “Kua” means fried over a very hot flame. And this dish also uses Sen Yai noodles along with egg and chicken, all fried together. Then it is served with sweet chili sauce and lettuce. Although this is not a popular dish, when you will have it, you will love it.
 Guay Tiew Rua or Boat Noodle: This is also a popular variant of Thai noodles. And it is usually available in pork or beef versions. To prepare this noodle, a strongly flavored broth is used that sometimes includes animal blood. Apart from that, this noodle contains meatballs and meat.
 Pad See Ew: This dish includes Sen Yai noodles and the dish is stir-fried with soy sauce. The main flavor of this dish comes from soy sauce. Apart from that, it also includes seafood or meat of your preference along with cabbage.
 Kao Soi: This is one of the signature noodle dishes of Northern Thailand. It is mainly a curried noodle soup prepared from a broth that includes red curry paste and coconut milk. Here the soup is served with your choice of meat (beef, chicken, or pork) and flat egg noodles. And then the dish is garnished with some crisp fried noodles. In the authentic Thai Kitchener, Kao Soi is served with a range of condiments like pickled cabbage, fresh lime, chilis, and shallots.
 Yum Woonsen/ Yum Mama: They are noodle salads prepared from re-hydrated noodles. And the taste is very spicy yet refreshing. And this dish is often served with shrimps or minced pork and seasoned with chili, lime juice, or coriander.

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