• September 17, 2021
  • Wanisa

Etiquettes To Follow When Visiting An Authentic Thai Restaurant Park Slope In Brooklyn, NY

When you visit Thailand, you must know that eating and cooking Thai cuisine is a serious affair. There are some interesting Thai eating etiquettes that people often find confusing. So, in this blog, you will find those etiquettes that you can follow when visiting an authentic Thai restaurant Park slope in Brooklyn, NY in any part of the world.
1. Etiquettes to eat in restaurants: In the majority of Thai restaurants may ask you to share the table. If so, then never force conversation. Act as you are seating at a private table.
2. Etiquettes to order food: If you are visiting a Thai restaurant for the first time and have no ideas about Thai cuisine, then ask the service person about the best dishes for a first- timer. If you are visiting a Thai buffet restaurant and not sure about what dish to take, then take one spoonful as a sample. You can take the item again if you want more. In case you are visiting the Thai restaurant with someone, who has a clear idea about Thai food or has visited the restaurant before, then ask the person about the best dishes to try.
3. Etiquettes to eat food: When you are in an authentic Thai restaurant to have the best Thai food in Cobble hill in Brooklyn, always eat slowly. Thais prefer to spend loads of time over their meals while exchanging conversations with their friends and family members. So, mealtime is a leisure time for them. You need to keep in mind, especially if you are accompanying a Thai person to the restaurant. Don’t drop any food on the table while eating. There is a common term in Thai “Whan Na” that mentions people, who scatter the rice grains around the sides of their plates when eating. You don’t have to wait for all the dishes to arrive before you start eating. Remember that Thai meals are leisurely affairs and the food will keep on coming.
4. Table manners: When eating the top Thai food Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, people usually use forks and spoons. For cutting things, they use the side of the spoon first and therefore use the fork if needed. Keep the spoon in your right hand and fork in the left if you are right-handed. Even though it is not wrong to eat the meatball right off the fork while stabbing it in the middle, you can’t do it at a formal dinner. The Thai people usually hold down the meatball with their fork while using the spoon side to cut the meatball to the bite-size. After that, they scoop the bite-sized chunk of the meatball in the spoon and eat the spoon off.
5. Etiquettes for eating rice: Rice is served in separate bowls. You can take the rice from there on your plate with food and eat the rice with the main dish. Besides, you can mix a sauce with the rice. Never slurp the food when you are having broth or noodles. Eat sticky rice by rolling into a ball with fingers and pick up pieces of other food items with fingers in the right hand. When eating food, just use the tip of your fingers and don’t pick more than two knuckles from the tip for touching food.
6. Etiquettes for using toothpicks: Toothpicks are usually used at the end of every meal. The best method to use it is to work with a hand while keeping another hand in front of your mouth like a mask.
7. Etiquettes to discuss business on the dining table: Take the cue from your Thai associates. In case people are bringing up business at the dinner table, then you can discuss it.

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