• September 3, 2021
  • Wanisa

Specialties Of Thai Cooking In Brooklyn Heights In Brooklyn, NY

Thai cooking techniques are known for bringing out the best flavors in the unique ingredients that are common to Southeast Asian cuisines. Every cuisine in Thailand is different and comes with a unique cultural identity. Even similar food items can result in having different tastes depending on how the preparation takes place. Thai cooking techniques are very simple. It is all about how you accentuate and blend all the ingredients for getting the best taste, aroma, and yummiest texture. Thai cooking in Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn, NY follows healthy cooking techniques for retaining the goodness of ingredients along with the natural taste.
Common cooking techniques used in Thai cuisine are deep-frying, stir-frying, boiling, grilling, and tossing. Now let’s get more information about these techniques in detail:
1. Deep frying or Tod: This method is all about cooking with boiling oil and this process helps to absorb very little oil. Like the stir-fry technique, using high heat is the main key here. Besides, here the ingredients are coated and seasoned, deep-fried to golden crispiness, and then they are removed immediately from the boiling oil. The next step is to douse the ingredients with gravy, sauce, or flavored with some condiments. Dishes that are cooked in this way are Thai fish recipes and different types of Thai appetizers.
2. Stir-frying or Pad: This is the easiest and fastest method to cook up delectable Thai meals in high heat. To stir fry food, it is important to cut the ingredients into small pieces, break up leafy greens, dice the veggies, cut the stem short, and cut or slice the meat into bite-sized chunks. Stir fry is perfect for cooking meats, seafood, veggies, and curbs.
3. Steam or Nuang: This process of cooking top Thai food Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn involves cooking with hot vapor obtained from boiling water. And it helps to enrich the dish’s flavors while retaining all the essential nutrients. This cooking method is also the healthiest among all because of the use of no or a little oil. Here the ingredients are usually arranged and marinated in a plate or pot and placed above the boiling water. In Thai cuisine, steamed dishes are more than seafood and meats, but also different desserts. Then fresh ingredients and herbs are added to these food items. Besides, Thai sauces and Thai curry recipes are boiled and simmered to be thickened.
4. Stew or Toon: Stewing is perfect for cooking sauce, soup, or broth in a consistent low to medium heat to bring out the nutrition of the ingredients along with the natural tastes and juices. This technique perfectly tenderizes the seafood and meats, blending the rich Thai herbs, pastes, condiments, and spices for flavorful and sumptuous results. This technique is used to prepare the iconic green, yellow, and red Thai curries, Tom Yum, and other slow-cooked classics like Thai beef noodle soup, and Massaman curry.
5. Grill or Yang: This is the oldest Thai cooking method used in the best Thai restaurant smith street Brooklyn. Usually, meat is cooked on a grill over the fire till it becomes fragrant. The main specialty of the grilled food items in Thai cuisine is here different types of spices and herbs are added to the meat or seafood to enhance its natural taste and to create some great flavors.
6. Toss or Salad or Yum: This Thai cooking style is popular for offering a quick hearty treat by tossing up all the fruits, veggies, and cooked seafood and meat. These salads are often described as a combination of salty, spicy, and sour flavors. And sweetness is often added to these dishes to create the perfect balance.

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