• August 27, 2021
  • Wanisa

Use Of Spices That Make Thai Food Thai Cook So Unique

Thai cuisine is popular for its vibrant colors, aroma, and flavors. What makes this cuisine a delicacy is the use of different fresh herbs and spices, which Thai people use in the recipes. Here in this blog, we will mention the details of some of the commonest spices that enhance the sophisticated nature of this cuisine.
1. Coriander root or Rak-Pak-Chee: This is one of the commonest herbs that people use for garnishing food items. But not many cultures use the root of this herb for cooking food. But in Thai food Thai cook, people grind the roots in mortar for making pastes. And the aroma and flavor that rise out of these roots offer the Thai soups a delectable flavor.
2. Cinnamon or Ob-Choey: There is hardly any cuisine where cinnamon is not used. But Thai people don’t use cinnamon the way others use it. Even though it lends a little bit of sweetness, Thai people use cinnamon for spicing up the stew and spices like braised beef stew and pa-loe soup. Here cinnamon helps to combat heat exhaustion.
3. Cumin or Yee-Rah: Cumin is known for its distinct yet strong flavor. In Thai cuisine, cumin seeds are generally roasted, pounded, and after that, they are mixed with the curry paste for enhancing the flavor of the cuisine.
4. Coriander Seeds (Look-Pak-Chee): Apart from coriander roots, Thai Kitchener also uses coriander seeds for cooking. The unique aroma of this seed along with its nutty and earthy flavor and slight heat makes this a great marinade for red meat. These seeds are also used as the base for many curries including massaman and panang, which are the two most popular Thai curries in this world.
5. Galangal or Kha: The popular tom kha gai, or the soup made of chicken and galangal is one of the most popular dishes made with galangal in Thailand and other parts of the world. The root plant of Galangal is related to Ginger and both of them come with similar flavors. The only difference between the two is that Galangal has a mild yet more complex flavor compared to ginger.
6. Dried chilies or Prik Haeng: Thai cuisine is popular across the globe for its spicy and hot flavors. And so it is not surprising if you find dried chilies on this list. Red chilies are used in everything of Thai cuisine starting from soups and stir-fries to curries. Besides, they also sprinkle dried chilies on top of the noodles for offering it an additional kick.
7. Ginger or Khing: Ginger is popular because of its spicy taste and it is also used as one of the natural remedies for curing indigestion. But the use of ginger in Thai cuisine is inspired by the use of ginger in traditional Chinese cuisine.
8. Garlic or Kra- Tiam: Garlic is another ingredient that is often used in regional Thai food Brooklyn NY, especially in stir-fried dishes, curry pastes, soup bases, or eaten fresh with different fatty foods. Apart from that, it is also deep fried and added as the topping to different dishes.
9. Holy basil or Bai Ka- Prow: Holy basil, also known as Thai Basil is another important ingredient of Thai cuisine, which is used to make one of the most popular Thai dishes, Pad Kra Pao. The flavors and distinct aroma of this ingredient make it the perfect inclusion to any kind of stir-fried Thai dish. Apart from that, Thai people often prefer to add fresh basil leaves on top of different curries and soups for offering those food items an aromatic kick.

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