• August 5, 2021
  • Wanisa

Things To Learn Before Visiting Best Thai Kitchen In Clinton Hill in Brooklyn

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines of this world. And it is the perfect compilation of different wondrous sounds, sights, and smells that define the culture of Thailand. When you visit Thailand, you can see huge pots and woks sizzling with different spices and herbs and foods of different types that compel you to pause, observe, and taste those food items. But when you are in Brooklyn and want to taste the authentic Thai food Gowanus in Brooklyn, NY, then there are several good restaurants that you can give a try.
However, before you visit those restaurants, let’s get some knowledge about Thai cuisine.

Thai cuisine and its specialties:

Thai cuisine includes a spectrum of textures and flavors, which is so vast that no two dishes are the same. The four regions of Thailand namely Central, Northern, Isaan or Northeastern, and Southern have their unique treasured cuisines. So, before you want to have the best Thai food in Cobble hill in Brooklyn, you must learn about the cuisines of these regions.
1. Central region: The cuisine of this region of Thailand is midway between South and North. Here the fragrant jasmine rice is cooked to the sticky variety. Central Thai cuisine is also known for its royal nature, which includes more intricate meals following different complex techniques.
2. Northern region: The cuisine in Northern Thailand is milder than in other regions of the country. Sticky rice is a popular item, and it is kneaded traditionally into small balls. Besides, the cuisines of this region are strongly influenced by neighboring country Burma with famous dishes like Kaeng Hang Le, a pork curry seasoned with turmeric, ginger, and tamarind.
3. Northeastern region: The Northeastern Thai cuisine is prejudiced by Laos. Sticky gluten rice is the staple dish here and the food items are also highly spiced. Although there are different types of meat dishes in this cuisine, dishes including freshwater fish and shrimp are also popular.
4. Southern region: The Thai cuisine of this region is also popular outside Thailand as it is the most popular tourist attraction of Thailand. So, if you are in love with Thai food, then you must try the Southern Thai cuisine from the best Thai kitchen in Clinton Hill in Brooklyn. Here coconut milk is mostly used in the dishes. Besides, there is heavy use of seafood in the dishes. And the appetizers in Southern Thai cuisine include coconut flesh and loads of cashews.

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