Best Accompaniments With Your Thai Curry Dishes- A Guide
  • July 22, 2021
  • Wanisa

Best Accompaniments With Your Thai Curry Dishes- A Guide

If you are a fan of Thai cuisine, then trying the best Thai curry dishes from different restaurants across the globe must be on your to-do list. But when it comes to trying Thai curries, it can be confusing because of the variations and flavors. Every region has different version of Thai curries prepared using seasonal ingredients and every version is cooked in a modern or traditional way. And there are different types of accompaniments with which you can have these curries. So, to help you out here is a list of some of the best Thai curry dishes available in the restaurants serving Thai food Brooklyn NY along with their accompaniments that you can try.

1. Thai red curry with chicken or shrimp: Thai red curry with chicken or shrimp is just amazing. And for me, this is the best home Thai menu as well. Here the curry paste is fried with oil in a saucepan and then coconut milk is included. Then meat or shrimp is added to the curry to make it a curry soup along with Thai eggplant, fish sauce, Thai basil, bamboo shoots, and sugar.
2. Thai green curry with chicken or shrimp: This is an incredibly aromatic and creamy gourmet-style Thai curry dish that you should give a try. The creaminess of this curry depends on the quantity of coconut milk used in it. Even though green Thai curry is known to be the hottest, you can convert it into a sweet one with a good amount of lime juice, palm sugar, and coconut milk. And you can accompany this curry with chicken or shrimp. If you prefer Thai food Thai cook, then you can easily prepare it at home by frying the green curry paste and then adding vegetables, spices, meat, and fresh coconut milk to it.
3. Penang curry with beef: If you want to have the best Penang curry, then try it with chicken or beef. Penang curry is a bit saltier and sweeter than other variants of Thai curries and it is not spicy. Being a thick stew without soupy sauce makes this curry imperfect to accompany with fish or shrimp as this curry can absorb the flavor of the seafood.
4. Massaman curry with lamb or beef: Due to the Islamic influence, this variant of Thai curry is cooked with mutton, beef, chicken, or goat. Among all the accompaniment options, Massaman beef and lamb curry are the best choices. The curry is very flavorful and sumptuous because of the use of meat and different vibrant spices.

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