• July 15, 2021
  • Wanisa

Thai Curries- An Important Part Of Thai Cuisine

When you think of giving Thai cuisine a try and want to try some delectable and distinctive flavors, then nothing can be a better option than Thai curry. But if you are starting new, then the sheer number of curries would be overwhelming for you.
Thai curries are mostly based on coconut milk. And the eponymous colors of these curries come from curry pastes containing aromatics and chilies. These curries are also available with a selection of protein, which can be vegetables or tofu. The main curries available in the Thai cooking in Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn, NY are:
1. Red curry: This curry paste is made of dried and fresh red chilies and then the paste is mixed with coconut water or coconut milk. It offers this curry a great soupy flavor free from the heat and harshness.
2. Green curry: Popularly known as “gaeng kiow wahn”, it is one of the most popular curries used in authentic Thai food Gowanus in Brooklyn, NY. This curry is made with coconut milk and green chilies and it has a stronger and spicier flavor than other types of Thai curries. Other ingredients used in green curry are garlic, shallots, lemongrass, and cumin seeds. Green curry is almost like soups and in the street food kitchens; this curry is often served with rice, over rice, or fried with rice.
3. Orange curry: Popularly known as sour curry, this Thai curry is mostly used in pork or fish dishes served in the best Thai restaurant Boerum Hill in Brooklyn. The main ingredients used in this curry are shrimp paste, shallots, dried red chilies, turmeric, and sea salt. Some of the Thai restaurants also add pineapple to it to give this curry a sour flavor.
4. Yellow curry: It is creamier and richer than green or red curries because of the use of coconut cream. And it is also not oily and spicy like other Thai curries. The yellow color comes from the use of fresh turmeric in the paste. Other ingredients used in this curry are different types of dried spices like coriander, cumin, fenugreek, salt, garlic, lemongrass, bay leaves, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.
5. Massaman curry: This curry is inspired by different variants of Indian curry. And it includes loads of sugar, potato, and peanuts, which make it the heaviest. So, if you want to try something different, then you must give it a try. This curry is served alongside different types of meats including beef and chicken and some types of flavorful and hearty vegetarian dishes.

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